Become a Member

Statewide associations of private child welfare organizations are invited to apply for full membership with NOSAC.  Also, national organizations are invited to partner with NOSAC as affiliate members.  Information on full and affiliate membership is featured below.  Feel free to contact our President for more information about NOSAC and to apply for membership.

 Eligibility Guidelines for Full Membership
  • Annual membership dues are $500
  • Dues payments may be paid by check, made out to NOSAC, and mailed to: Michigan Federation for Children and Families, 320 N. Washington Square, Suite 100, Lansing, MI 48933
1. State associations (including any state, territory, commonwealth or the District of Columbia) requesting membership in NOSAC must meet the following criteria to be considered for membership:
  • The association must have a paid Executive Director, CEO or equivalent, who exhibits a “passionate connection” to the mission of NOSAC
  • Their association may represent services to adults as well as services to children
  • Their association may have public sector members, but the predominant membership of the state association must be private sector providers
2. The Association wishing to be considered for membership in NOSAC may communicate a request for consideration to any NOSAC member. 
  • The NOSAC member shall bring the request to the next membership meeting for review. Bearing a request for consideration of membership does not imply an endorsement for the party being considered.The request for membership is subject to review and approval by existing NOSAC members. 
3. The Executive Director, CEO, or equivalent shall serve as the participating member of NOSAC. 

4. The member association must be current in paying their dues to be considered a member in full standing. Members will have access to all information on our website, will vote, and will be responsible for periodically assessed fees. 

5. Any member may be evaluated, at any time, for reconsideration of membership by the NOSAC members. 

6. The membership of NOSAC may, from time to time, amend the eligibility or considerations for membership.  

Original Guidelines adopted by the Membership on November 11, 2000; as amended December 2005 and April 2006.

Eligibility Guidelines for Affiliate Membership

NOSAC is an association of state association Directors. We value that identity. We also value our relationships with national organizations who support our mission, and we appreciate their willingness to partner with us to achieve common goals. Towards that end, NOSAC welcomes national organizations with related missions, interests and goals.
  • Affiliates will be listed on the NOSAC website as such.
  • Affiliates do not pay dues.
  • Affiliates participating in the NOSAC biannual conferences will be assessed participation and/or registration fees.
  • Affiliates may be invited to participate in other NOSAC meetings or conferences.
  • Affiliates may not attend NOSAC Membership Business Meetings.
Original Guidelines adopted by the Membership on November 11, 2000; as amended December 2005 and April 2006.